About us

About the brand

Even though A Colorful Mind sells basic sizes,

the company was actually founded to help women who can't find anything in the regular stores.


The company does not call  A colorful mind for nothing.

The name stands for anyone who despites having difficult moments keep going

 and who are not afraid to do their own thing.


The collections that you will find here have different styles because every woman is different and we want that every woman finds something that she likes.




Each lingerie product is designed and made by Larissa personally with a lot of love and passion. A young designer who studied fashion and then educated herself in lingerie.

Do you want to hear a little story?
When Larissa started this project she knew she didn't want to become yet another company in the lingerie industry. She would either come up with a brand that has meaning and represents something she believes in, or she wouldn't start at all.

Through previous work experiences and listening to others, it was once again made clear to Larissa that diversity is still lacking in the fashion industry.

We still live in a society where women are judged by their appearance and their bodies. Too curvy, too thin, too long. We even judge ourselves by how we look. And that is completely wrong.

Every body deserves nice lingerie.

That is what we stand for at A colorful mind.


At A colorful mind we learn every day through your tips and explanations

about the problems you encounter when buying lingerie.

Every body is different which is beautiful, but unfortunaly this also means

that there is a possibility that not every model is suitable for you.

You can therefore come and fit lingerie by appointment!